7 Blog Post Ideas for Your Law Firm’s Website

Your law firm’s credibility, visibility, and popularity are no longer based on your talent and resources alone. Many clients find their legal representation online these days, and your firm’s blog can have a lot to do with how much new business you generate. Though it may seem as if a blog is an extra and unnecessary perk, the reality is that a law firm’s blog can help boost business. A blog with valuable and fresh content can improve your firm’s search engine rankings, attract new business, and even improve the overall credibility of your practice.

How You Can Make Posts Evergreen and New Too

Because blogs have such a profound effect on business, it is important to post regularly and ensure that your content is both new and evergreen. This can be a difficult combination to contend with, so we’ve amassed some ideas for blog posts that can help you freshen up your firm’s blog and improve your business.

1 – When to Contact an Attorney

The unfortunate reality is that many people don’t know when it’s in their best interest to contact an attorney. If a potential client doesn’t have experience working with lawyers, they may not realize when they are in a situation that warrants legal representation. Providing a blog post can help draw in business that is currently ignorant of your potential to help. This is especially true if your post focuses on little-known situations that an attorney can handle, such as a DUI, car accident, or business startup.

2 – What to Do

Many people respond well to a list of clear, accomplishable steps, especially if they are experiencing a crisis. If you publish a legal “to do” list of sorts about certain situations, such as a car accident, workplace injury, etc., you’ll be able to attract people in crisis mode who are looking for a plan.

3 – Practice Area Guides and Summaries

The general public does not necessarily understand the details of different legal practice areas. For example, though many people know vaguely that medical malpractice lawyers exist, they likely don’t think about the details of that position unless they have to. Therefore, providing a simple, comprehensive breakdown of some of your practice areas can make you seem more accessible and help potential clients understand the situations you can help resolve.

4 – What to Expect From a Consultation

Whether you know it or not, lots of people are terrified of attorneys. While some people simply don’t understand how a lawyer can help them, others believe that a consultation or initial meeting will cost them thousands of dollars. By spelling out the expectations of a consultation, you can put many potential customers at ease, and you’ll likely find that more people reach out when they know what to expect from a meeting. Even if your consultations are not free, spelling out the process will likely get new clients through the door.

5 – Specified FAQ

You undoubtedly get a lot of questions on a regular basis. Though you may have a general website FAQ, it can be helpful to release blog posts that cover frequently asked questions from certain practice areas. Again, many people are terrified by the unknown, and a large number of those people are intimidated to even ask their questions. By getting into some basic answers via a blog post, you not only give people peace of mind about contacting you, but you also make your firm seem more approachable.

6 – Law Changes

General information is always a good idea for your law firm’s blog because it brings in people who are not necessarily looking for a lawyer but who want information. If you provide enough valuable information, general information searchers will remember your firm in the future when they do need an attorney. Plus, the more traffic your site gets, the better your website ranking and the more clients you draw in. This is all to say that doing blog posts on significant changes to local, state, and federal laws attracts an untapped market for your firm. Some of these changes may profoundly affect individuals who need a lawyer after realizing a law has changed.

7 – What Attorneys Can Do

Potential clients and the public need to know what your firm can provide. Many people believe that practicing law is all about courtroom dramas and divorces. It is essential to remind them that attorneys can help with:

  • Wills
  • Child support enforcement
  • Modifications
  • Determining paternity
  • Domestic violence and protective orders
  • Estate planning

Reinforcing the ways in which attorneys can help outside of a defense scenario is helpful. This reminds potential clients that you are available for myriad legal tasks.

You Don’t Have to Blog Alone

Though it is natural to want to build your business yourself, your blog is something you can, and should, outsource if you don’t have experience. As we mentioned, company blogs are more of a necessity than a perk and can profoundly impact business and reputation. It is important to include proper keywords, tags, images, and links with your blogs, so they perform well in search engines and attract traffic. While you do want fresh content, you have to make sure it is evergreen as well and will continue to be useful far into the future. Hiring an experienced digital marketing team can help you achieve your goals without burdening you with the details. Digital marketing is all about creating content that brings clients to you, and the right professionals can really help boost business.

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