The Role of a Personal Injury Lawyer in Charleston, South Carolina

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There’s a lot of benefits that a personal injury lawyer can bring to you, unfortunately, most people fear the idea of getting caught up in a lawsuit thinking there are always too far stretched out and expensive. But that not always the case.

Let’s take a moment to take a bit about personal injury and how these lawyers can help.

What is personal injury law?

Ever been caught in a situation where you’ve been harmed, either physically or psychologically, by a third party through no fault of your own?

These scenarios can be pretty upsetting in the best-case scenario or quite traumatizing in the worst-case scenario. Either way, you’re lucky because the united states recognize these scenarios for how troubling they can be and therefore look to reimburse your hardship.

A person who’s suffered some physical or emotional damage in this manner can file a lawsuit per personal injury laws and get some form of financial compensation.

Importance of a personal injury lawyer

We all know lawsuits can be long and tricky. Both parties fight for a decision in the favor no matter the cost. Stakes are high, and therefore there is a desperate need to hire a lawyer at the very top of his game.

Usually, a single lawyer practices more than one area, so you might find someone willing to take up your case with a faint understanding of what to do, relying on what they learned back in law school.

Perhaps you think that’s an acceptable route to pick. Unfortunately, it’s not. You see, the law is a fickle profession. The best of the best are almost always the ones with the most experience in a specific field. As capable as they may be, a renowned lawyer experienced with criminal proceedings is hardly the right choice for a business lawsuit.

That’s exactly why if you want your money’s worth, you go to the best. Pick a good personal injury lawyer and preferably a local one to ensure your trouble is properly compensated.

How can a Charleston, South Carolina personal injury lawyer help you?

Allow me to paint you a little picture. You’re walking down the street in sun-shiny Charleston, and you find yourself at a crossing. As a responsible citizen, you make sure to wait for the signal and look both ways before walking across the street. Out of nowhere, this ice-cream truck comes screeching down the road and runs you over.

Fast forward a week; you’re in the hospitable with a few broken bones, a pile of hospitable bills that need to be paid, and an overwhelming sense of despair. Things would probably seem pretty hopeless, right?

Well, a personal injury lawyer can help take some of the distress away by getting you financial compensation for all that you suffered.

There are many questions that a personal injury attorney can help you answer, for instance, ‘do I file a lawsuit against the driver? Or the ice-cream company?’ And also, ‘what is the appropriate amount you can secure in damages?’

When do you need to hire a personal injury lawyer?

Accidents happen all the time in South Carolina. There may be instances where you suffer some minor personal injuries from a kid on a bicycle. They did hurt, but it’s not such a big deal that you would want to file a suit.

However, there are instances, such as the scenario discussed above, when personal injury lawyers are a better option for you.

You suffer serious personal injuries

We’ve already gone through a scenario where you would need a personal injury lawyer in the event of a major accident. That one’s a given. However, there’s another scenario where a personal injury lawyer is a good bet.

Suppose you I got into a car accident were on the surface, you seem to have come out lucky. There aren’t any apparent injuries, just a few scrapes, so you already settle with the other drives insurance company with what seems like a good offer.

Until you find out that your injuries aren’t so minor, the possibilities are endless but let’s say you have a small internal bleed that’s gotten worse over a few days. Your injuries aren’t so minor anymore, but you’ve already settled, and there’s no going back.

Not alone, at least. With the aid of a good lawyer, you can get your hands on a more reasonable settlement given the actual extent of your injuries.

Your case is less physical & more emotional

Emotional damage is a lot trickier than physical damage. Where a judge can distinctly see a broken leg, it’s not as easy to see a distressed mind.

That being said, there’s no doubt that a certain traumatic event has caused you much emotional distress and personal injuries that diverse compensation. It’s only the matter of providing measurable evidence to a courtroom that’s the problem.

A personal injury lawyer is a master of communication and negotiation. Given their expertise, your lawyer can more easily string together the right words to explain the pain you’ve suffered and consequently help you get the proper settlement.

It’s Not a Case till a Lawyer is Present

An unfortunate but accurate fact of most insurance and other companies is that they don’t really take your review seriously until you have a lawyer representing you.

On your own, companies think they don’t have to bother satisfying a single individual. Or they may think that they can get you to settle for a lot less than you deserve. Remember, most companies have access to the best lawyer’s money can buy. You don’t really stand a chance on your own.

Hiring a good lawyer sends the message that you mean business. So, they will give you their time and properly consider your case. A personal injury lawyer will help you maximize your recovery by ensuring you get the best possible settlement.

Here’s another bit of fact. Most personal injury lawyers work on a contingency basis. That means they don’t get paid unless you win since your lawyer will revive a fee from the damages you are paid. That means there’s no reason for you not to take advantage of a good lawyer to get compensation for a horrible experience.


South Carolina has some fantastic local personal injury lawyers. They know the system, they know the courts, they even know how to work a jury, and most of all, they are dead-set on fighting for your rights.

You owe it to yourself to be properly compensated for a bad experience that has caused you a lot of physical trouble, and a personal injury lawyer can help.